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Weird and Strange Interview Questions

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Those strange interview questions that appear completely unrelated to the job itself can catch you unawares in your job interview.

Be prepared with appropriate interview responses to frequently asked off-the-wall questions such as these.

These fun interview questions are all about how the candidate reacts and
handles the questions. There is no wrong or right answer to these
psychological interview
questions but if you are well prepared for random questions like this,
you will come across as a composed, confident and resourceful candidate.

Strange interview questions such as “What animal would you like to be?”, are used to evaluate how you react to the unexpected, your ability to think on your feet and to give a coherent answer under pressure!

These oddball interview questions may seem inappropriate but they are
designed to explore how you see yourself and how creative you are.
However more important than the actual answer is how you answer.

get flustered, remain calm, think about your response and answer in a
positive and concise manner. Go through the interview answer guidelines
so that you are not taken completely by surprise.

6 Weird and Strange Interview Questions

This is a list of the most commonly asked funny interview questions. These may not come up exactly as they are phrased here but the point is to prepare for interview questions like this and do a little critical thinking about how you might answer them.

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

It does not matter what animal you choose as long as you have a good reason for doing so.

However it probably is better to pick a strong or intelligent animal like an elephant or dolphin and then try to relate the animal to valuable job-related skills. For example an elephant is loyal and strong. A dolphin is intelligent and intuitive.

2. Which fictional character would you choose to be?

Select a character who you actually know something about and who you admire. Explain why you admire the character and how this relates to your personal values and aspirations. For example

“I would choose to be Sherlock Holmes as I admire his analytical and problem-solving skills, his intuition and intelligence.”

3. If you were having a dinner party and could invite three famous people, who would they be?

This is similar to the above interview question. The list of possible people is endless, again just ensure you have a good reason for selecting whoever you do. For example,

“I would invite the Pope, the Dalai Lama and the US President. They could discuss how they would reduce conflict and anger in places like the Middle East and hopefully our President would put their ideas into action.”

You can choose entertainment celebrities such as Ellen or Oprah, sporting heroes like Serena Williams or top businessmen like Warren Buffet. Just have a valid reason for your selection.

4. How would you title your autobiography?

The response to the question says a great deal about how you view yourself. Real autobiographical titles range from the mundane and obvious “My Life” by Bill Clinton to the more intriguing like “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. Being able to describe your life in a single sentence is challenging. Try to think of something that reflects a positive and hopeful, ambitious and determined attitude to life.

A similar interview question used by Dell is “What songs best describe your work ethic?”

5. Which three things would you save from a fire in your house?

Your answer should reflect your values and priorities in life. Think about what the most important things are in your home.

responses include pets, photographs, important documents, phone, laptop,
purse. Explain why you have selected these things to save.

6. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

favorite among strange interview questions! Use this as an opportunity
to highlight your positive traits such as:

  • goal-setting
  • planning
  • ambition
  • responsibility
  • generosity

Responses such as starting your
own business or taking a year to travel and broaden your horizons are
better than buying a Lamborghini and spending it all on partying!

Amazon asks candidates this interview question about suddenly receiving a windfall:

Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to
launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?”

about what you are passionate about, what you know about and what you
are good at. Be able to support your idea with reasons why it would

These strange interview questions are designed to try
and find out something about you that standard interview questions don’t
and to see if you get flustered by the unusual. They want to challenge
you and create stress.

How you respond to this challenge is important.

  • Simply smile, breathe
    deeply and give yourself a moment to think about your answer
  • Avoid
    saying the first thing that comes into your head and spend a little time
    considering your response

It is not necessary to be funny or
brilliant when answering these weird interview questions. Just give a
considered answer that is concise and coherent.

Be aware of your non verbal message when answering weird interview questions…

  • A clear and controlled voice tone and pitch indicates confidence. Be aware of you voice delivery when answering this type of interview question. Breathe and pause before answering to allow yourself time to gain control of your thoughts and modulate your voice.
  • Make sure your interview body language sends the message that you are comfortable and relaxed when answering strange interview questions.

Interview Communication Tips

Prepare for standard interview questions using the sample answers provided for each interview question.

You may have to face some tough interview questions about your past work experiences. Find help with preparing job interview answers to those difficult questions.

Be ready for these 5 common interview questions and impress as a confident and prepared candidate.

Weird Interview Questions – Latest Update 2021

Here are some of the strangest interview questions that candidates faced in the last year.

What do you think of garden gnomes? (Trader Joe’s)

Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins (EvalueServe)

Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer? (Deloittes)

There are no right or wrong answers to strange interview questions just the expectation that candidates can think on their feet. Consider the sample answers to these odd interview questions.

Garden gnomes can be an excellent prop for displaying garden fresh fruit that is on sale in the store.

The stapler could be a paperweight, insect smasher, nut cracker, tongs and hammer.

If Gandhi had been interested in computers nobody could have stopped him from being successful. His patience, perseverance and hard work would have ensured this.

These fun interview questions will get your creative juices flowing!

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