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Waheeda Rehman recalls Bharatanatyam guru refused to teach her dance

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Legendary actors Waheeda Rehman, Asha Parekh and Helen recently marked their presence on the sets of the dance-based reality show Dance Deewane. During the show, the stars took a trip down memory lane and shared anecdotes of their love for dancing, movies and more. We came across a video in which Madhuri Dixit Nene who co-judges the show asked Waheeda about the difficulties she faced to train for Bharatnatyam during her childhood.

To which the Guide actor narrated, “Mere ek dost the, unko maine kaha ‘maine inhi se seekhna hai’. Toh unhone kaha, ‘nahi, main inko nahi sikha sakta.’ Magar kyun nahi sikha sakte? ‘Kyunki ladki musalmaan hai.’ Toh usse kya taluq hai, musalmaan ho ya Christian ho ya Hindu ho? Nahi wo apne bhaav jo hai – padam hote, varnam hota hai – wo nahi kar payegi (I had told a friend that I want to learn the dance form from the renowned Guru. He refused to teach me. ‘But why can’t you teach?’ ‘Because she is a Muslim.’ ‘But what does it have to do with being a Muslim or a Christian?’ ‘No, she won’t be able to emote the nuances – the padam and varnams).”

Waheeda Rehman further shared, “Maine bahut zidd ki, mere dost ko bhejti rahi, mere mummy ke dost ko, toh kehne lage, ‘acha uski kundali le aao.’ Toh humane kaha hum logo mein kundali banate nahi hai. Toh bole, ‘acha, ye toh badi problem hai. Toh acha chalo iska birth date do, main apne se kundali banta hoon.’ Toh unhone kundali banayi. Toh bole, ‘Arre, yeh toh bahi tajoob ki baat hai. Ye kundali dikhati hai ki ye ladki meri akhri aur sabse achi student hogi (I was adamant, kept sending my friend to him, my mother’s friend. Then he asked, ‘okay, bring her kundali.’ We said that in our culture, the concept of kundali isn’t there. He said, ‘okay, this could be a problem. You give me her birth date and I shall make it.’ After he made it, he said, ‘oh, this is astonishing. The kundali reveals she will be my last and best student).”

Check out the video below:

Earlier, Madhuri had shared a video with Waheeda while dancing on ‘Paan Khaaye Saiyyan Humaro‘ song.

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