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Tips for Future Women Lawyers

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We’ve previously rounded up some of our best law school resources for women, as well as other tips like what to know before 1L year, the best blogs for women law students, and must-have school supplies for law school — but it’s been a while! So I asked our new law school correspondent, Nicole, to round up some of the best resources she found before embarking on her law school career. Huge thanks, Nicole! — Kat

How to Prepare for 1L Year

Getting to Maybe

I read this book the summer before law school, and it explained the basics of law school exams. If you don’t have time to read it before law school (which is no big deal), I’ll sum it up for you. My main takeaway from the book was the importance of getting comfortable with ambiguity. In law school, there is probably not going to be one right answer on the exam. That’s why the book is titled Getting to Maybe.

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Women in Law On the Record

This is an amazing podcast about women in all areas of the legal profession. A female lawyer interviews other successful women lawyers about their decision to go to law school and their career path, and asks for general advice.

Listening to these women makes me so excited about my career because there are so many possibilities, and it often forces me to think differently about setbacks. It’s validating to hear that everyone experiences setbacks — even very, very successful lawyers. Also, the interviewer ends every podcast by asking for each interviewee’s five favorite things, which is a fun way to hear about different hobbies, music, books, and travel destinations.

Above the Law

If you want all the scoop on different law firms (particularly regarding bonuses, raises, and Dumb Memos), ATL is a must-read. ATL is like a BuzzFeed for the “world of law,” and it is entertaining (or as entertaining as the “world of law” can be)!

The Girl’s Guide to Law School

There are a ton of great resources for all law students here, including guides on Law School 101, how to write law review articles, and how to leave Biglaw.

Ms. JD

Run in conjunction with the National Women Law Students’ Organization, Ms. JD features a blog and runs conferences and programs throughout the year. Ms. JD also has a variety of useful resources about business development, pay equity, negotiation, and self-promotion.

Bonus Tip: How to Prepare to Apply for Law School

Spivey Consulting Blog

Spivey Consulting helps incoming law students through the admissions process. While I didn’t personally work with an admissions consultant, I found the blog posts written by former law school administrators extremely helpful! The blog posts are free to read and cover a wide range of topics about admissions, waitlists, negotiating scholarships, transferring, and law school life. They also now have podcasts!

Readers who’ve been to law school, what resources (books, blogs, newsletters and more) were helpful to you as you prepared to go to law school? What are your top tips for how to prepare for 1L year?

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