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‘Tiger King’ Stands In The Way Of ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Breaking This Netflix Record

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Once again this morning, Ginny & Georgia sat atop Netflix’s
Top 10 rankings. That showing brought the point total for the streaming giant’s latest hit series to 237 points—which is currently good enough for fifth place on the 2021 charts. At the moment, there is seemingly no ceiling for Ginny & Georgia, which continues to defy all odds on the Top 10 charts.

And soon, Ginny & Georgia could very well reach a height matched by no other show in the history of Netflix.

That feat? Well, today marks the 23rd consecutive day that Ginny & Georgia has owned the #1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 charts. That’s a better streak than several of the streaming network’s biggest shows, including Ratched (which had a streak of 15 days at one point), The Umbrella Academy (also 15 days) and 13 Reasons Why (14 days).

In fact, Ginny & Georgia just passed The Queen’s Gambit, which had owned the second-longest streak ever (22 days) since November 2020. Which means now only one show stands between Ginny & Georgia and ownership of the record.

The current record belongs to Tiger King, which reached a streak of 27 days back in March and April of 2020. At the time, the idea that any show would ever be able to match that kind of streak seemed unthinkable. And as time has passed, none of Netflix’s biggest shows have come even close to nearing that 27-day mark.

Just to show you how rare this kind of streak is, here’s a ranking of the longest first-place runs in the history of the Top 10:

  1. Tiger King – 27 days
  2. Ginny & Georgia – 23 days
  3. The Queen’s Gambit – 22 days
  4. Ratched and The Umbrella Academy – 15 days
  5. 13 Reasons Why – 14 days
  6. Away, Floor is Lava and Unsolved Mysteries – 12 days
  7. The Crown and The Haunting of Bly Manor – 11 days
  8. Dead to Me – 10 days
  9. Cobra Kai – 9 days
  10. Virgin River, Space Force, Lucifer, Selena: The Series, Bridgerton, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Fate: The Winx Saga, Firefly Lane, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and Behind Her Eyes – 7 days

As you can seen, only 23 shows have managed first-place streaks of at least seven days. In fact, no show has made it past seven days in 2021—not even Bridgerton, which reportedly had one of the best opening months in Netflix history.

Past that, only 12 shows have managed streaks of at least ten days. And before Ginny & Georgia came into the mix, only two shows had ever reached the 20-day mark.

So it does make you wonder: for all of the hype that shows like Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton have received in the past…were any of those programs ever as viral as Ginny & Georgia is right now?

The answer to that question is complicated. Sure, Netflix will release a statement if Ginny & Georgia ends up having better viewership numbers in its first 28 days than Bridgerton did. But as time passes, more and more people subscribe to Netflix—thus, the numbers go up and up for viewership.

That’s why I believe the Top 10 scoring system is a useful tool. No matter how many people subscribe to Netflix, the point system remains equal for every movie and show on the streaming network. Which means if you want to rank amongst the most popular Netflix shows ever, you have to remain dominant for an extended period of time—which isn’t easy to do.

Just take a look at the top 25 scores in the history of the Top 10 charts. Even after such a legendary streak, Ginny & Georgia has quite a ways to go to rank amongst the best of the best:

  1. CoComelon – 1,114 points
  2. The Queen’s Gambit – 621 points
  3. Bridgerton – 508 points
  4. Cobra Kai – 456 points
  5. The Office – 453 points
  6. Tiger King – 387 points
  7. Ozark – 377 points
  8. Outer Banks – 356 points
  9. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 339 points
  10. The Umbrella Academy – 320 points
  11. Unsolved Mysteries – 299 points
  12. Love is Blind – 299 points
  13. iCarly – 298 points
  14. Virgin River – 269 points
  15. All American – 266 points
  16. The Crown – 264 points
  17. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – 261 points
  18. Schitt’s Creek – 256 points
  19. Space Force – 248 points
  20. The Haunting of Bly Manor – 241 points
  21. Firefly Lane – 238 points
  22. Ginny & Georgia – 237 points
  23. 13 Reasons Why  – 233 points
  24. Dead to Me – 230 points
  25. Ratched – 225 points

So while Ginny & Georgia could surpass Tiger King’s first-place streak, that doesn’t mean the program will continue to dominate the Top 10 charts like Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit and CoComelon have.

Time will tell if Ginny & Georgia is truly one of those top-tier hits for Netflix. But for now, it’ll be exciting to see if the program can actually break Tiger King’s long-held record.

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