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Soni Razdan gets trolled for urging government to provide COVID-19 vaccination for actors on priority

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Actor Soni Razdan on Wednesday said that actors should be included as beneficiaries in the COVID-19 vaccination drive in the country as they are at huge risk while working. She said that acting is the only profession where one cannot work wearing a mask and despite this nobody seems to think that they should be given the vaccine.

For the unversed, the nation-wide vaccination drive currently includes healthcare workers, frontline workers, people above the age of 60, and those over 45 with co-morbidities.

In a tweet, she wrote, “So many actors get COVID and are at huge risk when working. I mean we actually can’t wear masks. But no one seems to think they need to be able to take the vaccine yet (sic).”

Soni Razdan was replying to a tweet by author-actor Suhel Seth, who wanted the COVID-19 vaccination to be open to all.

Later, in the same thread, when a user commented saying that acting is not an essential profession, Razdan said actors cannot work wearing face masks while people from other professions can do that. “It’s a profession none the less. People need to work right. Others can do so wearing protection but actors are the only people who cannot! And so ….,” she tweeted.

Lambasting those who said that ‘superstars’ don’t need vaccines, the 64-year-old actor said that being at the top of the profession cannot mean disqualification for the vaccine. She wrote in a tweet, “Oh and every actor isn’t a huge superstar .. so those who are whining on about that can keep shut. Stop watching content na then. It is made with great risk to the concerned actors lives. Being at the top of ones profession can’t be a disqualification for a vaccine. Jeez.”

However, Soni’s tweets did not go down well with Twitter users. While some pointed fingers at her asking to consider actors as beneficiaries in the driver given they are already ‘privileged, others said there were so many old and vulnerable people who need it much more than the stars. 

“lol. entitlement at its best for these celebrities. they all should be shunned for their entitlement. healthcare workers have still not received it who was at the forefront when all these celebrities were cooped up in home. #shunthesecelebrities,” wrote a user. 

“Vaccines, in a situation of shortage, are given based on “need” for survival and not on “want” for freedom from masks and restrictions! There is a real world outside the ivory towers of entitled Bollywood!,” commented another user. 

Check out some tweets here:

On the work front, Soni Razdan was last seen in Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer ‘War’. 

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