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Nielsen’s New Metric Uses Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ To Show Brand Impact

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x’s Cobra Kai has gone beyond bringing The Karate Kid to a new generation. It’s made older brands like Coors beer cool again.

That’s according to Nielsen and its new metric that allows for subscription video-on-demand brand integrations to be tracked in ways similar to traditional advertising, revealing both its delivery and incremental reach. Historically, assigning value to product placement in such content has been challenging.

But the data and market measurement firm’s newly released SVOD brand integration report dives into the benefits of incorporating brands into such content and how to assign actual viewership value to featured products in a non-ad supported environment.

At the center of its first report are brand integrations in Netflix’s popular original Cobra Kai. In the series, the now 50-something and “set in his ways” character of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is often seen cracking open one of his beloved Coors Banquet Beers.

Specifically, Nielsen’s metrix found that Coors beer exposures garnered almost 170 million equivalized and valued impressions among viewers 21 and older through the first four weeks the program was available on Netflix.

That’s taking into account that in an average week in December 2020, Americans streamed more than 132 billion minutes, with big streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounting for than half (53 percent) of the distribution.

The report also showed that in a four-week period, 19 percent of the combined total exposed to both Cobra Kai and linear TV programming featuring Coors ads only watched Cobra Kai.

The new SVOD brand integration report showed that brands can not only leverage against the traditional 30-second advertising spot, but also reach elusive audiences that exist outside traditional television means.

In essence, branded integrations in SVOD programming don’t just provide exposure in an ad-free environment but reach audiences that traditional TV typically does not.

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