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Mario Golf: Super Rush – Full Roster and Game Modes Revealed

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Mario Golf: Super Rush received a new gameplay trailer that not only reveals its 16-character roster, but also details its many game modes, including Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure.Nintendo Switch’s Mario Golf: Super Rush will be released on June 25, 2021, and it will let players golf with their favorite characters from Mushroom Kingdom via button controls or motion controls. While the game is meant to be easy to pick up and play, it also features advanced shots like curve shots, spin shots, and much more.

Super Golf: Super Rush Full Roster Revealed

At launch, Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature 16 characters that come with their own special shot, like one that lets Mario blast away balls on impact.

The full list of golfers is as follows, complete with their Special Shots if it was shown in the gameplay trailer;

  • Mario – Blasts away balls on impact.
  • Luigi – Freezes ground on impact.
  • Wario – Generates lightning interference.
  • Waluigi – TBA
  • Princess Peach – Blasts away balls in its path.
  • Daisy – Blasts away balls on impact.
  • Yoshi – Turns balls into eggs on impact.
  • Bowser – Blasts away balls on impact.
  • Bowser Jr. – TBA
  • Boo – Haunts balls on impact.
  • Donkey Kong – TBA
  • Rosalina – Turns balls into Star Bits on impact.
  • Pauline – Blasts away balls in its path.
  • Toad – Blasts away balls on impact.
  • Chargin’ Chuck – Blasts away balls in its path.
  • King Bob-omb – Spawns bombs in landing zones.

Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Game Modes Include Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to play with up to four friends locally or online on a variety of courses that range from ones with “lush, natural scenery” to those with “fantastical areas your could only find in the world of Super Mario.”

One of the new ways to play Mario Golf is Speed Golf. This frantic mode lets you and up to three friends tee off at once and then race to your balls after you hit them. Speed is the name of the game, and your goal is to be the first to get your ball in the hole.

Along the way, players can grab items that restore their stamina, use Special Dashes to help them move forward quickly or attack opponents, or use Special Shots to help gain an advantage.

Another new mode is Battle Golf, which is more or less Speed Golf with special rules. There are nine holes on one single course, and players are tasked with being the first to claim three holes.Mario Golf: Super Rush’s single-player campaign is called Golf Adventure, and it allows you to take a created Mii through a… well… golf adventure.

Level up your golfer, engage with Mushroom Kingdom locals, and much more. There are even practice areas with golf trainers to help players learn the rules of the game and practice their techniques.

Throughout the adventure, there will be challenges like hitting a ball into a giant pottery bowl on top of a tower and competing in golf-based boss battles.

Players will gain experience by playing through the game, and they can allocate their points to Power, Stamina, Speed, Control, and Spin to improve their Mii golfer. Theses golfers can then be played in any other mode in the game.

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