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Latam Sets Emission Goals with New Sustainability Strategy

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Latam Group plans to offset half of its emissions on its
domestic operations by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, according to
a new sustainability strategy announced on Wednesday.

As part of that path, the airline group is partnering with
global environment organization The Nature Conservancy to identify and support
conservation projects in the countries where it does business, including
ecosystems such as the Amazon, the Chaco, the Llanos del Orinoco, the Atlantic
forest and El Cerrado. In a video presentation on Wednesday, Latam CEO Roberto
Alvo said it was a part of a strategy to move beyond simply buying carbon

“Today, it is not enough to do the usual,”
according to Alvo. “We are assuming a commitment that seeks to contribute
to the conservation of ecosystems and the well-being of the people of South
America, making it a better place for all of them.”

The group also is promoting a program in which corporate
customers, passengers and cargo customers can opt to offset emissions for their
travel. Latam in turn is matching the amount its customers offset.

In addition, Latam is working to reduce waste, with a goal
of generating zero waste that ends up in a landfill by 2027. It plans to
eliminate single-use plastics by 2023, expand its on-board recycling program,
start a uniform recycling program and make its lounges sustainable, according
to the group.

In addition to its longer-term carbon goals, Latam also has
pledged never to have emissions above its levels in 2019 without offsetting the
difference, Alvo said. Its goals put it in line with the International
Civil Aviation Organization’s carbon offsetting and reduction scheme
. As of
yet, the scheme does not apply to Latam’s countries of operations, but the
group plans to comply nonetheless, he said.

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