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K-Pop Boy Band Stray Kids Enjoy A Huge Week On Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Charts

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Typically, even the biggest names in K-pop only reach a handful of Billboard charts, and when looking only at the songs rankings, the number of tallies they’re likely to make it to decreases. Well-known acts from South Korea almost always dominate the World Digital Song Sales list, but this frame, one beloved band appears on not one, but two of the company’s dance and electronic rosters. By doing so, they’ve done what so many of their peers haven’t had a chance to just yet.

K-pop boy band Stray Kids join producer Alesso and Chinese singer CORSAK on the tune “Going Dumb,” which has quickly become a big hit on two of the most important dance charts in the U.S.

“Going Dumb” debuts at No. 13 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, the ranking of the most-consumed tracks that are classified as either of those genres, taking into account radio airplay as well as streaming and sales data. The instant win makes Stray Kids one of only a handful of K-pop bands to appear on the tally, and they follow in the footsteps of powerhouses Monsta X, Blackpink and BTS. Other South Korean names, like soloists Chanyeol, G-Dragon and CL have also appeared on the list at least once, with both of the latter two earning a pair of placements during their careers.

The same song also lands on the Dance/Electronic Song Sales chart this week, which looks only at those genre-specific tracks which actually sold the most copies. The cut performs better on that list, as it opens at No. 5, bringing Stray Kids not just to the tally for the first time, but to the top 10.

Stray Kids are one of only a handful of musical acts from South Korean to break into the highest tier on the Dance/Electronic Song Sales chart, and “Going Dumb” now ranks among the highest-ranking cuts to feature any act from that part of the world. Fellow South Korean musicians like Monsta X, A.C.E, and CL have also appeared on the tally, to name just a few. Only tracks by BTS, Blackpink and Psy have risen as high or higher than No. 5, so Stray Kids are already in rarified company with their new hit.

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