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How Have You Made Mask-Wearing More Comfortable?

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While most of us have become mask-wearing veterans, others have been exclusively WFH for a year and rarely going out. For the readers in that second group who may be returning to the office soon or venturing out more after being vaccinated (woohoo!), we thought we’d ask for tips from readers: How have you made mask-wearing more comfortable?

Here are some tips to start: 

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1. Use an ear saver/mask clip. If typical masks make your ears sore, or you just don’t like masks that go around your ears (anyone else given up on dangly earrings while masked?), Amazon has a ton of solutions, including headbands with ear savers attached. You can also try using a hair clip or sturdy paper clip, or simply buy a mask that ties at the back of your head.

2. Wear a 100% cotton mask for breathability. Two or more layers are best for safety.

3. For workouts, use cotton masks or other higher thread count fabrics, e.g., breathable polyester. Exercising with a mask is definitely not fun, but some designs are better than others. Prevention and Women’s Health listed their picks — including this one from Reebok, currently 30% off! (I also carry face-cleansing wipes to wipe my face after masked workouts.) 

Psst… here are images and links to some of the products we’re mentioning in this piece…

4. Use a mask frame under your mask. This can help keep a damp or sweaty mask off your face. I recommended these mask brackets from Etsy in a recent Coffee Break.

5. Keep a lint roller handy for mask de-fuzzing. Have you ever been in the grocery store when your face starts itching because of a little piece of fuzz under your mask, but you don’t want to be spotted while you’re temporarily maskless, so you just grin and bear it? (Just me?) Also, does anyone else take their masks out of the dryer to find them covered with fuzz/lint? (Yes, we regularly clean the lint trap!) I already have a lint roller in my car for cat-hair incidents, so I use it for masks, too.

6. Try all the tricks to prevent your glasses from fogging up. I wear glasses a lot, and the only thing I’ve found to work (without having tried special anti-fog sprays yet) is to pinch the top of my mask as tightly as possible around my nose. When it’s cold out, though, all bets are off — and where I live, it’s sometimes still cold in May… (The security guy at the vaccination site I went to actually laughed when he saw me walk in the door. Yes, it’s hilarious.) Anyway, WebMD has some good tips for glasses-wearers. (Kat notes that she’s had decent success with this anti-fog spray.)

Readers, do tell: How have you made mask-wearing more comfortable? Any good mask hacks to share?

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