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If Mike Tyson fight against Bruce Lee, who would win?

Lee in the 1971 film The Big Boss

The Fighting Free from Rules

This question may never get a final answer because Lee passed away shortly after the creation of Jeet Kune Do. But Jeet Kune Do, as a martial art and methodology, has inspired many martial arts schools later. Its influence on following schools of martial arts is still recognized.

Tyson at the Boxing Hall of Fame, 2013

Lee has passed away, and we can not verify the result of this hypothetical match. However, the audience has their answers, and they try to analyze and speculate from various angles. Although people hold different opinions, one point that most people agree with is that with unrestricted rules, Lee might win. The reason lies in that the Jeet Kune Do use by Lee is very suitable for street fights. It is not bound by any rules and flows freely like water.

Many behaviors that are prohibited in official competitions, such as poking the eyes, kicking the crotch, etc., are included in Jeet Kune Do. Therefore, it is more lethal and some people believe that if the rules of the formal boxing match are fully followed, Lee, who is relatively thin, will not have the advantage. But if there are no restrictions, it will be difficult for many world champions to defeat Lee.

Publicity photo of Williams and Lee for The Green Hornet

Philosophy Origin: Taoism

Through this comparison, we can intuitively discover the characteristics of Jeet Kune Do: as flexible as water, there are no rules. This style is related to traditional Chinese Taoism. Taoism seeks to go with the flow and be unconstrained. Jeet Kune Do follows his loyalty to himself, abandons useless steps, defends, and attacks at the same time. This form of martial arts combines various other genres, including Wing Chun, boxing, fencing, and more. But different from these genres: it breaks the shackles of traditional martial arts and uses a more free form of combat.

Bruce Lee’s star at the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee has abandoned a lot of etiquettes, and will not deliberately control the lethality of the attack. He believes that winning victory is the essence of martial arts. This idea is very much in line with the Taoist thought of ruling by doing nothing, pursuing the purest goal.

With his son Brandon in 1966

Therefore, Bruce Lee is considered the originator of MMA. The Jeet Kune Do he founded has inspired this form of competition in many ways. The performance nature of martial arts has been greatly reduced. At the same time, the actual combat effect has been significantly improved. Winning in any possible form is one of Jeet Kune Do’s tenets.

Back to the question in the beginning: If Tyson VS Bruce Lee, who is more likely to win? It is difficult to answer because it involves a comparison of two different martial arts genres. However, this is also a manifestation of the diversified development of martial arts.

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