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After Ajaz Khan’s arrest, Narcotics Control Bureau recovers multiple drugs from actor Gaurav Dixit’s residence | Hindi Movie News

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The Narcotics Control Bureau has recovered drugs from the home of small-time actor Gaurav Dixit. Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede confirmed the same, informing, “We raided his residence after we got his name as one of the suppliers to actor Ajaz Khan who was recently arrested by us.”

Gaurav and his Dutch girlfriend were below their building when the NCB raided their home. Wankhede added, “The two of them saw the team and fled away from the scene. We have recovered multiple drugs from their home.” Gaurav has two films ‘Marudhar Express‘ and ‘Diary of a Butterfly’ to his credit.

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It should be noted that the NCB has continued to conduct raids for nearly six months now and the last actor to have been arrested was Ajaz Khan, who has been charged under four sections of the NDPS act including 8c,27A, 28 29, and 32.

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