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Witness Becomes Emotional Describing Shooting To CNN’s Erin Burnett

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In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Ryan Borowski described how the most ordinary of errands—a quick trip to the supermarket in Boulder, Colorado—turned in an instant into a scene of horror. “I threw my groceries on the shelf and ran for my life,” Borowski said, growing emotional. “I nearly got killed for getting a soda…and a bag of chips. It doesn’t feel good.”

Asked by Burnett if he ever imagined he’d find himself a survivor of a shooting, Borowski said no. “Boulder feels like a bubble, and that bubble burst. It doesn’t feel like there’s anywhere safe anymore.”

The shooting in Boulder dominated cable news coverage Monday evening, with police in Colorado saying multiple people were killed—including a police officer.

A “person of interest” was taken into custody, officials said, though they did not immediately confirm whether the person of interest was the same person seen in videotape being walked out of the supermarket in handcuffs, his leg covered in blood.

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