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Why Judd Apatow’s Netflix Pandemic Comedy Sounds Amazing

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Judd Apatow is currently filming a comedy set during the pandemic in London. It was easy to imagine a plethora of pandemic-based thrillers hit big and small screens in the near future, but a comedy dealing with COVID-19, especially from Apatow and co., could be a breath of fresh air.

“We’re trying to make a big action franchise film, like we’re number six in the franchise, and we’re all different levels of happy to be coming back for the sixth time,” David Duchovny, one of The Bubble’s stars, told Forbes about the plot on Monday. “And it’s really just charting the protocols you have to do to make a movie and then the added pressures of what it must be like for people who’ve been working together for so many years to then be quarantined together, and the kind of petty hatreds and petty competition and just the boredom and the freakouts that would happen in such a pressure cooker of quarantining.”

Duchovny also revealed he had a long day of shooting a fight scene with SNL alum Fred Armisen on Monday ahead of his interview with Forbes.

According to IMDB, other stars in the film’s ensemble cast include: Maria Bakalova (Borat 2), Karen Gillan (Avengers: Endgame), Pedro Pascal (Wonder Woman 1984), and Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann (The Croods: A New Age) and daughter Iris Apatow (Love).

Apatow’s previous film The King of Staten Island, starring SNL cast member Pete Davidson, was released on June 12 of 2020.

Duchovny noted this wasn’t the first time he had worked with Apatow.

“I guess we kind of worked together before because he was (writing) on Larry Sanders when I did it,” David said. … “To come, in a way, full circle from Sanders to here, he was probably in his 20s when I met him on Sanders, to be able to do it and to try to do it together is really nice.”

A release date for The Bubble hasn’t been set yet, but according to Variety it will pop on Netflix.

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