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When Emraan Hashmi revealed his wife Parveen Shahani’s reaction to his intimate scenes

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Emraan Hashmi is currently enjoying the success of his film ‘Mumbai Saga’ opposite John Abraham and is now all set to appear in Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Chehre’. Emraan, since his debut, has often been dubbed as a ‘serial kisser’ in films, however, little is known about his family’s, especially his wife Parveen Shahani’s reaction to his intimate scenes. 

During his 2104 appearance on Koffee With Karan, Emraan had revealed how Parveen reacted to his intimate scenes in ‘Murder’. Parveen, who was apparently unaware of the scenes, dug her nails into Emraan’s skin out of anxiety.  He said, “In the first seat my wife digging her nails into my hand like ‘what the hell have you done and you haven’t prepared me for this and what are you doing because this is not Bollywood’. When the hands came off, there were four jabs… I was injured…I was bleeding.”

Emraan had then added saying that though his wife has not accepted this side to his job they have reached a common ground. “Right now there is a deal that we have…The deal is I take her shopping and she probably swipes the card close to seven-digit numbers,” Emraan said.

For the uninformed, Emraan and Parveen have married for over 14 years now. On December 14, 2017, the actor had shared a post on Twitter saying, “11 years of marriage and counting !! Looking forward to annoying her for many many …many more.”

Emraan had, in 2012, also spoken to Hindustan Times about how much he reveals about his projects to her saying, “I don’t tell her about the scenes. I do tell her about the films I’m doing. She doesn’t hear about it in detail. She is a film buff but she is not struck by glamour. She has her own life.”

Emraan and Parveen started seeing each other when they were in school and she reportedly prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

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