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Must Read

  • Allure wondered how much cork as a packaging material could affect the beauty industry’s carbon footprint. 
  • Elle explored the recent plastic surgery boom. 
  • Muse by Clio gave tips on navigating leadership as a woman. 
  • Law.com reported that law school applications are up 20% so far this cycle (h/t to Above the Law).
  • Speaking of law school, Above the Law looked at the whitest law schools in the country and the overwhelming whiteness of the law school community in general.
  • The Huffington Post — inspired by this viral TikTok — looked at the conversational habit of “cooperative overlapping.”
  • The Washington Post reviewed the “unprecedented delay” for sofas and desks right now. 
  • Vox’s The Goods looked at how our communication has changed over the last year.
  • After Oprah’s big royals interview this week, an op-ed in The Washington Post declared her “the greatest celebrity interviewer of all time.”
  • The New York Times reported that a tomb unearthed in Spain has prompted archaeologists to reconsider assumptions about women’s power in Bronze Age European societies.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, this TikTok looks at the “quirky” features of women’s clothing…

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