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Must Read

  • The New York Times asked 64 brands about the percentage of Black people on their executive team and boards and among overall employees to find out “who gets to make fashion, sell fashion and represent fashion.”
  • NBC News looked at how South Asian women are undoing the internalized shame they’ve felt about their body hair for years.
  • Harvard Business Review published a piece called “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome.” 
  • Scientific American reported on a new study that found that conversations almost never end when both people want them to and that we’re bad at realizing when the other person wants to stop.
  • BBC Work Life explained how Gen Z is using TikTok to increase acceptance of mental-health struggles.
  • The Week shared a piece about male “bumblers” — men who try to excuse their bad behavior by saying they “didn’t know” it was wrong.
  • The Strategist listed 11 items that give proceeds to organizations supporting the AAPI community.  
  • Slate talked to a trauma therapist about what WandaVision gets right (also touching on I May Destroy You and The Flight Attendant). 
  • A Refinery29 writer made breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very popular Always Pan, which Kat reviewed recently.  
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from Points in Case, with “Would You Rathers After a Year in Quarantine.”

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