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U.S. Just Vaccinated Over 100 Million Americans

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The United States’ Covid-19 vaccination effort passed a key milestone Friday: More than 100 million Americans have received a vaccine shot, covering almost 40% of the country’s adults, as health officials work to open up immunizations to all adults in the coming weeks.

Key Facts

Just under 60 million Americans are fully vaccinated with either two doses of Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccine or one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

Some 39.2% of U.S. adults have gotten at least one shot, including 74.4% of the country’s seniors, who face an especially high risk of Covid-19.

What To Watch For

Even more vaccinations. Most states have zeroed in on vaccinating seniors and other high-risk groups thus far, but all 50 states plan on making every adult eligible for a shot by the beginning of next month. The federal government also expects supply to increase as drugmakers ramp up their capacity, helping to meet an extraordinary demand for doses.


As more Americans are immunized, some states have loosened their social distancing rules or lifted restrictions altogether, a practice the CDC has called premature and risky. The CDC, for its part, announced Friday that fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the United States—but the agency still wants people to hold off on unnecessary travel.

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