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Tips and Tricks – Outriders Wiki Guide

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IGN has the tips and tricks, strategies, and secrets you need to succeed in Outriders.

The following tips apply to the demo for Outriders as well as the full game. The demo for Outriders is going to be available for the forseeable future, and your progress carries over, so this page will be relevant to you regardless of which version you are playing.

  • Healing in Outriders is mainly accomplished by aggressively using your chosen classes‘ abilities. Each class can gain health in different ways that also align with their playstyle. Understanding how your character heals is important, just as knowing that simply hiding behind cover and taking careful shots won’t always get the job done.
    • Devastators gain health by killing enemies at close range, as do Tricksters
    • Technomancers have the best life leech. So it’s best to stay back most of the time.
  • Once you have completed the Prologue for the first time, you will be able to skip a large portion of it when you start new characters. This means you can easily jump into a new class and start learning their skills, which can be helpful if you decide you would rather try a different class after you make your initial choice.

  • Difficulty in Outriders is largely influenced by the World Tier. As you level up and explore, you’ll unlock additional World Tiers from the level 0 you have at the start. Each consecutive World Tier will offer better chances for rewards – but more difficult enemies. If you’re having trouble, check your current World Tier to see if things can be lowered – and if you’re not having any luck finding good loot, raise the tier!
  • You can enjoy all of Outriders playing solo, but know that drop-in, drop-out co-op is also available for teams of 3 to take on harder challenges.
  • Outriders includes the option to use Cross-Play, letting you play with other people on different consoles. Once enabled in the settings menu, you can request a cross-play Game Code to share with friends on other platforms so they can join your team by selecting the Join a Game Using a Code option, and then using the supplied Game Code.

  • Certain side quests will reward you with in-game consequences like opening up a new merchant with a permanent discount. You can replay these side missions as much as you like, too, which can be a great way to earn some fast XP.


  • Each Class has quick recharging abilities, often with cooldowns of less than 20 seconds. Use these as often as possible, as they will come in handy for dealing large damage, controlling groups of enemies, healing, and more!
  • Look for enemies that will try to throw grenades from behind cover. If you can take a quick shot at them as they stand up, you can cause them to drop their grenade and explode themselves.

  • All Classes can use any type of weapons you find, but be sure to look at the skills your class can take advantage of, as some may boost certain types of close-range or support-style weapons.
  • Each Class has three main skill trees that alter your playstyle slightly. Take the time to see which one has the skills that reflect what you like to do best, and note where you can double dip down into other trees to get a few extra skills along the way
  • You will gain 20 Class Points to put into your skill tree, so you won’t be able to choose everything at once. However, you can always reassign your Class Points for free, so feel free to experiment!
  • Unless you’re the squad’s dedicated sniper, you don’t stay in one spot for too long – and even then it’s a good idea to keep moving. While cover is definitely mandatory, especially when playing one of the squishier classes like the Trickster or Technomancer, enemies will waste no time flanking you, rushing you, or throwing grenades to flush you from cover.

  • There’s a very handy setting in the options menu that allows you to select the rarity of the gear you auto-collect if you don’t want common gear flooding your inventory
  • When starting out, it’s best to sell your Common (White) and Uncommon (Green) gear instead of dismantling it, as you get more Scraps that way. Once you unlock crafting, continue to sell your Common gear, but use your iron to upgrade Uncommon gear to Rare (Blue) before dismantling it. Dismantling Rare’s allows you to gain more mods and iron for future equipment crafting.
  • Don’t forget to visit the World Tier and Accolades menus from time to time to claim rewards as you pass new milestones. These rewards can give you resources, currency and equipment, as well as some exclusive personalisation items such as emotes, truck and flag customisation options.

  • When you’re fighting Altered enemies, knowing how to interrupt their special attacks is extremely important. Look for their yellow cast bar, and cast one of your Interrupt skills – you can hover over your abilities in the Skills menu to check which ones have the Interrupt property.
  • Some boss abilities will be too quick to interrupt unless you get lucky, so keep an eye out for when they plan to heal themselves as those abilities tend to have a longer casting time.
  • If you’ve unlocked multiple Interrupt skills, do your best to alternate between them, as Altered enemies will adapt and become resistant to your Interrupts if you use them too frequently.
  • Once you reach World Tier 4 you’ll have a chance of a legendary drop, either from a loot chest found in the world or from an Altered captain or boss enemy. Keep an eye out!
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