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The Best Things You’ve Done for Yourself That Have Made You Happier

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Readers had a great comment thread earlier this year about the best things you’ve done for yourself that have made you happier, and we thought it deserved its own post!

So, what things have you done — big or small — that have improved your life and made you happier? What changes did you make? What did you stop or start doing? We’d love to know!

We’ve rounded up many readers’ answers below — and we’ve linked to past posts with related info and advice.

The Best Things Readers Have Done for Themselves That Made Them Happier

Improving Physical Health

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Improving Mental Health

Of course, a lot of the things listed above boost your mental health, too!

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Improving Your Appearance

  • Going to a dermatologist for acne treatment
  • Getting microneedling for acne scars

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Readers, if you didn’t chime in on that comment thread (or if you did and have more to say!), do tell: What are the best things you’ve done for yourself that have made you happier?

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