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The 25 Most Popular Shows On Netflix In 2021 (Updated March 20)

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At the beginning of 2021, it seemed impossible that any show on Netflix could match the sheer dominance of Bridgerton within the calendar year—but times have changed. Currently, there are three other programs actively chasing the #1 spot for 2021. And with Bridgerton off the Top 10 charts, we could see a new reigning champ very soon.

This past week presented an interesting twist to the 2021 rankings, as Ginny & Georgia, completely dominated the charts once again. Over the past seven days, Netflix’s latest viral hit posted yet another perfect week and added another 70 points to its yearly total. That brings the program’s 2021 score to 237 points—currently, good enough for fifth place.

For those who don’t know, these yearly rankings derive from a points-based scoring system. Every day, I keep track of where each show ranks on Netflix’s Top 10 charts. I then assign points accordingly and track each program’s score over a longer period of time—which brings us to the 2021 rankings.

As of March 20, these are the 25 most popular shows on Netflix this year (the bolded selections are newcomers to this list):

  1. Bridgerton – 438 points
  2. CoComelon – 373 points
  3. iCarly – 298 points
  4. Firefly Lane – 238 points
  5. Ginny & Georgia – 237 points
  6. Behind Her Eyes – 199 points
  7. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio – 195 points
  8. Good Girls – 173 points
  9. Henry Danger – 162 points
  10. Cobra Kai – 157 points
  11. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer – 153 points
  12. Fate: The Winx Saga – 136 points
  13. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – 133 points
  14. L.A.’s Finest – 110 points
  15. Go, Dog. Go! – 106 points
  16. Lupin – 103 points
  17. The Sinner – 90 points
  18. Murder Among the Mormons – 80 points
  19. Last Chance U: Basketball – 71 points
  20. The One – 66 points
  21. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – 60 points
  22. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan – 57 points
  23. History of Swear Words – 51 points
  24. Gabby’s Dollhouse – 51 points
  25. Bling Empire – 49 points

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The two new entries to these 2021 rankings are Last Chance U: Basketball and The One. The former show has proven to be more popular than the original Last Chance U docuseries, which only pulled in 43 points last year. Last Chance U: Basketball spent every day on the Top 10 charts this week, reaching the second-place position on March 12. The One actually had a better week, however, as the British crime drama spent five total days in the #2 spot.

But neither of those series could keep up with Ginny & Georgia, which continues to dominate the Netflix platform in ways we’ve rarely seen before. Today, the mother-daughter drama achieved its 23rd consecutive day in the #1 position. That’s a feat only surpassed by Tiger King, which spent 27 straight days in the top spot early last year. Ginny & Georgia’s streak just passed The Queen Gambit’s longest run, which was 22 consecutive days.

It’s worth noting that Ginny & Georgia has already spent more days in the #1 position than Bridgerton. In total, Bridgerton has captured 19 days in first place—but only 12 of those days came in 2021. This gives Ginny & Georgia a slight leg up in the race for #1.

But still, Netflix’s latest hit will have to continue to rank highly after it falls from the first-place spot if it wants to catch Bridgerton—a program that has seen 25 days in the #2 spot this year (which amounts to 225 points). On the all-time Top 10 rankings, Bridgerton still has a pretty firm grasp on the third-place position with its 508 total points.

The other two shows that have a chance at catching Bridgerton by the end of 2021 are CoComelon and iCarly. The former series has a pretty decent shot, as CoComelon is currently in the midst of yet another double-digit Top 10 streak (53 days) that will seemingly never end. The latter show, iCarly, is currently standing strong with a 40-day streak. But that program doesn’t appear to have the same kind of momentum that CoComelon has had during its 200+ Top 10 appearances over the past several months.

On the 2021 charts, Ginny & Georgia made a significant leap this past week from the #9 position to the #5 spot. The other biggest moves belonged to Last Chance U: Basketball, which rose from 32nd place to 19th place, and Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio, which actually fell two spots to seventh place thanks to Ginny & Georgia and Behind Her Eyes.

There were two casualties this week: Surviving Death (which currently has 46 points) and Demon Slayer (43 points).

These rankings will continue to be updated weekly, so stay tuned next week to see which shows have moved up and down the list.

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