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Sudhanshu Rai directed horror-comedy will keep you on the edge of your seat

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Bollywood horror is evolving beyond simple tales of ghosts, haunted houses and possession stories. Filmmakers are learning to give a spin to the tale. New sub-genres are being created blending horror with comedy, romance, mythology and more.

Horror comedies, horror films with a social message, and a mythological twist to supernatural lore are all plot ideas that fall under the broader genre of horror. 

Recently, prominent radio storyteller Sudhanshu Rai, who is popular for his mystery, thriller and detective stories, ventured into direction with the upcoming short film titled, ‘Chaipatti’. 

The short film is produced under the banner of Saints Art and Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai. And the trailer was that was launched on Wednesday looks nothing short of spooky as well as hilarious! Loved widely by the audience, the trailer is sure to keep you on the edge and leave you excited for the release of the short film.  The 30-second long trailer gives a sneak-peek into the lives of three characters – Sudhanshu and his friends. 

‘Chaipatti’ trailer begins with the three friends sitting and one of them holding a book that sets the whole narrative of the short film. At the end of the trailer, one of the actors can be seen questioning, “Itni raat ko chaipatti kaun mangta hai yaar (who asks for Chaipatti so late in the night)”. The sequences are filled with captivating background score and scary yet comical moments.

Watch the trailer of the short film here:

The movie stars Abhishek Sonpaliya and Shobhit Sujay, who are trying to call a ghost. The story, screenplay and dialogue have been penned by Sudhanshu Rai andPuneet Sharma. The Creative Producer of the short film is Anant Rai. 

‘Chaipatti’ is slated to release on the occasion of Holi.

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