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STR: U.S. Tops Q1 Hotel Openings, But Construction Activity Declines

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U.S. hotel construction activity remains lower than pre-pandemic levels, but the country during the first quarter of 2021 continued to lead the world in new hotel and room openings, according to global pipeline data from STR’s AM:PM platform.

During the quarter, the U.S. opened 26,057 rooms across 220 hotels. Only one other country opened more than 10,000 rooms over the period: China, with 12,418. The next three country leaders were Japan (2,499 hotel room openings), Australia (2,382) and the U.K. (2,214).

Current U.S. hotel room construction is 186,269 rooms, down nearly 34,000 rooms—more than 15 percent—from the country’s all-time construction peak of 220,207 rooms in April 2020, according to STR. The number of rooms in the planning and final planning stages are 237,703 and 214,287, respectively.

Among the top U.S. markets, New York City leads with 21,055 rooms in construction, followed by 8,579 for Las Vegas. The next two markets are Los Angeles (6,395 rooms) and Atlanta (5,407 rooms).

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