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Shaquille O’Neal Knocked Out in His Debut AEW Dynamite Tag Team Match

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NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal stepped into the ring for his maiden match for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on Wednesday. However, the seven foot plus giant who was anticipating to absorb some intentional hits in his tag team match was as promising as his build. O’Neal was a terrifying force in the wrestling ring on Wednesday night until Cody Rhodes put him through two tables on the outside to knock him out cold.

O’Neal who was taking time between NBA and wrestling spots on TNT’s ‘AEW Dynamite. In the scintillating mixed tag team match put on by him and Jade Cargill against Red Velvet and Rhodes, O’Neal who’s no stranger to the squared ring, started off by power bombing Rhodes at one point in the match and slammed interfering wrestlers on the outside perimeter before that.

After being slammed with a power bomb Rhodes tagged in Red Velvet, that left O’Neal with no other choice than to leave before tagging in Cargill. This led to Velvet in danger of being pinned, but Rhodes jumped in and interfered. The eventual tag left O’Neal and Rhodes face-to-face and the 7’1 giant didn’t disappoint. He unleashed quite a few moves during his debut AEW tag team match.

Watch it here:

However, his moves did delay the Rhodes-Velvet’s proceedings for a while. Rhodes decided to take on O’Neal who was on the rings perimeter when he launched himself at the former NBA legend. Upon impact, both men soon landed hard on two tables. The slam was so good that it knocked the former NBA star out cold.

Watch it here:

Meanwhile, Cargill pinned Velvet down, making O’Neal the winner, who was still lying flat on his back in the ruins of two tables on the outside. So, when he and Cargill defeated Rhodes and Velvet in Dynamite: The Crossroads, he wasn’t conscious.

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