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Sample Property Manager Cover Letter

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An effective property manager cover letter will get your resume the attention it
deserves. Stand out as the right job candidate by packaging your experience and
skills into a well written and convincing cover letter.

Businessman writing on virtual screen with property management icons and words

Qualify you job application with
the right property management keywords and phrases to land the interview.


Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact details (phone and email)


Mr Phillip Stone
Hiring Manager
XYZ Company
210 Orange Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602

Dear Mr Stone

Your recent advertisement for a Property Manager has captured my serious
interest. I am confident that my X years experience as a dynamic property
management professional will provide the capabilities you are looking
for. I am forwarding my resume for your review and consideration.

As a seasoned property manager specialist, I can offer the following skills
and strengths

  • in-depth experience of all aspects of the day-to-day operations of managing residential communities of up to X units in the Tampa area
  • effective in increasing the value of the respective properties by X%
    over the last 5 years as a result of high quality maintenance and repair
  • responsible for an X% increase in occupancy through developing and
    driving innovative and competitive marketing strategies
  • successful focus on building tenant relationships to improve retention
    rates by X through the provision of top-level customer service
  • prepare and manage an operational budget of $X
  • hands-on selection, training and supervision of X on-site staff

To compliment my experience I possess a Florida CAM License and Real Estate
License together with sound working knowledge of numerous property management
computer applications.

I believe my expertise and passion would be a good match for this job
opportunity. I would greatly appreciate a face-to-face meeting to further
discuss what I can bring to your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Brown

Your property manager resume

Man writing on blackboard with picture of a house and words

Always include a well-written cover letter with your property manager resume.

Property manager duties, responsibilities and skills

These excellent job descriptions for property and facility managers will help you develop a relevant and targeted cover letter.

Property Manager Job Description

Top property manager cover letter and resume keywords

What are employers typically looking for in a property manager? Each industry
and profession has specific keywords that hiring managers search for in job applications.

Make sure to include the right keywords in your property
manager cover letter and resume otherwise your job application may never get
noticed. You can refer to the job posting to find the relevant keywords.

Here are
some popular keywords for property management.

  • marketing
  • customer service
  • occupancy
  • tenant relations
  • vendor management
  • maintenance
  • inspections
  • contracts
  • budgeting
  • finance
  • cost control
  • asset management
  • staff supervision
  • legal compliance
  • leasing
  • computer applications

Find out more about creating a successful job
for the property manager job opportunity.

Property manager cover letter pages

Property manager job interviews

Manager Interview Questions

What Makes a Good Manager?

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