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‘People say Palak will marry 5 times because I married twice,’ Shweta Tiwari opens up about her abusive relationships

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Television star Shweta Tiwari, who recently made headlines for her dramatic weight loss, opened up about her broken marriages with Raja Chaudhary and Abhinav Kohli. 

In an interview, Shweta candidly spoke about the mistakes she made in her life by choosing “wrong men” and the impact it had and is continuing to have on her children, twenty-year-old daughter Palak and four-year-old son Reyansh.  

During the interview, Shweta spoke about how her children have been going through the trauma of her failed relationships along with her “strong and smiling”, and how people speak behind her back about her and her daughter Palak. 

For the uninformed, Shweta was married to Raja Chaudhary and has a daughter, Palak, from the relationship. She has a younger son, Reyansh, born in 2016, from her second marriage with Abhinav Kohli. Shweta has accused both Raja and Abhinav of domestic violence. While her divorce with Raja came through, currently, she estranged from Abhinav. 

In her interview with Bollywood Bubble, opening up about her first marriage Shweta said, “I was the first one in my family to do a love marriage, that too inter-caste. And we also ran away and got married. I was separated at 27. Over time, I realised that to see an abusive father, a drunk father every day for a child, was worrying. I realised, being a single parent was better than my child having to see an abusive husband and father, to see us fighting each day of our lives.”

Shweta added that people in her apartment people ask her children if their father’s come to meet them, only for the sake of gossip. She also mentioned how people talk behind her back about her marrying for the third time adding that she needn’t ask anyone if she decided to do so, because it’s her decision to make!

Shweta also talked about the times when people walked up to her and advised her not to marry again. “You be in a live-in relationship for 10 years and leave, no one will question you but you walk out of a marriage after two years, everyone will say, ‘How many times will she get married?’ People walk up to me to tell me ‘Don’t get married a third time.’ Will I ask them? Who are they? Are they paying for my wedding? This is my decision. This is my life.”

She added that her failed relationships with Raja and Abhinav and marital status has already built a certain image of her daughter Palak Tiwari in the public eye, especially on social media. She told Bollywood Bubble, “People on Instagram tell me that I got married twice and my daughter will marry five times. But maybe she won’t get married at all. This no one thinks about! After everything that she has seen and gone through, maybe she won’t marry at all. Or maybe, because of what she has seen, she will choose wisely.”

Shweta further added that she does not want her children to lose faith in any relationship. 

Speaking about how her kids have been going through the trauma of her failed relationships, Shweta told the portal, “Both my kids don’t show me they are sad. She (Palak) saw me getting beaten up. She saw women coming home. She was 6 years old when I decided to break off my marriage. She has seen the trauma, police coming to my home, me taking her to the police station with her. My four-year-old son also knows about police and judges. It is not safe, but it is not only because of me. For a child to be knowing all this at this age is not healthy but I am not able to do anything about it because I have no way out. I am not able to get them out of this mess. to lead a happy life I have no other option than go to the police or the court.”

“They are in this mess because of me, because I chose wrong people, wrong men, That was my fault. But they (Palak and Reyansh) are going through this with me, strong and smiling. I never tell them don’t miss your father or don’t talk to them. But they don’t. They are scared of this trauma. They want to be happy. And I don’t blame them for it,” she concluded.

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