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Mighty Doom Out Now in Early Access on the Play Store

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One-touch top-down Doom-based slaughtering in the palm of your hand? Ooooooh yes please. That’s exactly what Mighty Doom is offering, and it’s out now on the Google Play Store in early access.

Gone is the first-person view of classic Doom, replaced with a top down perspective. You’re blasting through waves of classic Doom baddies, and there are shades of bullet hell here as well. Dodge that laser! Kill that monster!

There are massive bosses to take down as well, and loads of different weapons to take them down with. There’s gear and skills and all sorts of other exciting things that keep the oddly adorable butchery exciting as well.

Don’t let the looks fool you though, there’s a decent level of challenge to Mighty Doom. You’re going to have to have your wits and at least one finger about you if you want to make it through alive.

But if you don’t you’re probably going to jump back in and smash up some more hell-beasts. Because why wouldn’t you? If you can think of an answer to that question, let us know in the comments.

Mighty Doom is out now in early access on the Play Store – that means it might have some wrinkles that need ironing out, but still. Click here and you can grab the game and start killing right this second.

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