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IU’s ‘Lilac’ Replaces Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ At No. 1 On The Korean Digital Chart

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On the fourteenth digital chart of the year in South Korea, a new No. 1 has been crowned, rising to the top spot with a sizable lead over the next-highest-ranking cut.

Beloved singer IU sees her recent release “Lilac” jump into first place on the Gaon Digital Chart, which tracks the best-performing songs in South Korea using streaming and sales data in the nation. The star has now accrued at least 25 No. 1 hits on the tally, with two coming from her latest project.

“Lilac” is the second No. 1 smash from IU’s new album Lilac, so it’s no surprise the title track ended up going all the way to the peak spot. The cut follows in the footsteps of “Celebrity,” which is so far the longest-running leader on the Gaon Digital Chart so far this year.

The new winner on the Gaon Digital Chart jumps from No. 3 to No. 1, pushing two tracks down in the process. Last week’s champion, Brave Girls’ “Rollin’,” slips just one space, settling at No. 2. IU’s “Celebrity,” still going strong after months on the tally, dips to third.

Last week, Lilac opened atop the albums chart, and every song featured on the title made their way to various Gaon charts, including the digital list. This week, most of IU’s tracks descend from where they ranked last time around, but they don’t fall very far.

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