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How to Solve the Water Plant Puzzle – The Medium Wiki Guide

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How to Turn On The Power

Once you’re ready to start, make your way through the door to the left and head towards the West Chamber. Once you’ve made it to the chamber, take the path to your right and follow it until you come across an open area in the next room.Following the path right, you’ll enter a small room with a spirit well – use this well to fully charge up Marianne’s powers.Once you’ve charged your powers, return back to the West Chamber and take the other path. Follow this path East up several sets of stairs until you reach a small corridor.Here you will find a live electrical cable sitting in a puddle of water. To avoid being electrocuted, use the panel on the wall to switch off the power.

When entering the Control Room, open the door that is located on the far left side of the room. Opening this door, you’ll have quick access to not only the control room, but also the power box – which you can now charge using your Spirit Blast. This will return power to the Control Room panel that’s needed to control the water storage.

How to Solve the Water Plant Puzzle

With the power restored, return to the control panel as this will play a major part in being able to complete the puzzle.When viewing the control panel, you will notice that there are five water tanks, which all have the ability to be emptied, half filled, and completely filled with water. Each of the buttons next to the water gauges will allow you to transfer the water in and out of the tanks.Beginning the puzzle, your options will be limited, as will need to turn some valves on in to move water to them. So in order to begin, transfer all the water to the Central Chamber and East Chamber – leaving the West Chamber empty.

With the West Chamber empty, leave the Control Room via the door on the left and follow the path until you reach the bottom of the set of stairs. Here you will find a staircase that leads to the ground level of the Water Plant – this path was previously covered in water.As you reach the bottom of the stairs, activate Marianne’s Spirit Shield and walk through the swarm of moths. At the end of the path, you’ll find a valve- turn it.Having turned the valve, return to the Control Room and transfer all of the water to the Central Chamber and both Water Tank 1 and Water Tank 2. Once the water has been transferred to the new tanks, exit the door to your left and head through the corridor until you reach the East Chamber. From there, go down the set of stairs once you reach them. Not too far from the base of the stairs, you’ll find a spirit well – using Marianne’s Out of Body ability, bypass the barrier and recharge her energy. Returning to the material world, continue down the path until you reach the base of the stairs. Unfortunately, this valve is missing a handle.To replace the handle, continue following the path to the end and you’ll discover a locker. Using your bolt cutters, open the locker and obtain the valve handle. Head back to the valve and use your newly found handle to turn it.

Returning to the Control Room, it’s now time to transfer the water so that you can reach the exit door. To do so, fill Water Tank 1 and Water 2 and move any remaining water to the West Chamber – this will leave both the Central Chamber and East Chamber completely empty.

Returning to the East Chamber, head to the door that was located directly next to the locker you had just opened in the step early.Once you reach the locker, head through the now open door and you’ll enter a short cutscene.Now in order to complete this next step, you need to move quickly as the monster will spot you fairly quickly. With no where to hide, use Marianne’s Out of Body ability and run through the door on your left – the path leads to a dead end, but the whole point of this is to simply distract the monster. Once it catches Marianne’s spirit body, exit the Out of Body experience and run towards the electrical switch near the exit door.Flip the switch and watch as the monster is electrocuted.


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