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Govinda says Bollywood ‘conspired’ against him, reveals how he has lost Rs 16 crore

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Bollywood actor Govinda, in a new interview, has said that certain sections in Bollywood have ‘conspired’ against him which has led to him being deliberately sidelined, resulting in financial losses for him.

Govinda told The Times of India, “In the last 14-15 years, I have invested money and lost around ₹16 crores. I was treated badly by some people from the fraternity too. My films didn’t get theatres and they wanted to demolish my career, which didn’t happen. Now, I am ready to kick-start 2021 in a big way.”

The actor also refused to speak badly about the recent ‘Coolie No 1’ remake starring Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan which made its debut on Amazon Prime Video last year. 

Asked if the film shouldn’t have been made, Govinda said, “You will never see me speaking against others. While others often like to talk about me, I never talk about their work or judge it because I respect everybody’s hard work and money invested.”

On being asked if there has been a conspiracy against him in Bollywood, Govinda said, “Yes, of course it was. As they say, apne bhi paraye ho jaate hain (friends turn their backs on you). If fate is not on your side, then your own people also turn against you.”

Govinda and David Dhawan, during the 90s, were famous for being creative partners and delivering several hit films. Speaking about their fallout earlier, Govinda had said on the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ that David refused to return his calls when he needed a career boost. 

He had said, “After I left politics, I told my secretary to keep the phone speaker on, so that I could listen what he (David Dhawan) was saying. I heard David saying, Chi-Chi (Govinda’s nickname) is questioning a lot. He was telling my secretary, I do not want to work with Govinda anymore. Tell him to do some small bit roles.”

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