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GOP Uses Hillary Clinton To Fundraise As Biden Proves Difficult Target

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Despite largely receding from the national political stage four years ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has become a semi-recurring fixture of GOP fundraising emails in recent days as President Joe Biden has proven difficult fodder.

Key Facts

In a fundraising email on Tuesday, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP’s campaign arm, said Clinton is “weaseling her way back on to the NATIONAL STAGE” asking donors, “Do you approve of Crooked Hillary Clinton?”

The NRCC cited the podcast Clinton launched last September, which they said she “just launched,” as an example of her “latest tricks,” adding that she has also been “in the news talking about fellow notorious Democrat Joe Biden’s administration.”

Clinton’s only recent media appearance was a CNN interview on Sunday in which she said Biden has done “so well” in his first 100 days but warned of the “huge consequences” of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Another NRCC email on April 26 juxtaposed Clinton with another common GOP boogieman, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, asking donors, “Who is worse? Crazy Nancy or Crooked Hillary?”

GOP aides have privately conceded how difficult it is to raise money by tarring Biden, who enjoys high approval ratings, with NBC News quoting one anonymous aide stating, “I think a lot of our messaging is going to be focused on Chuck [Schumer] and Nancy.”

Big Number

54%. That’s the share of Americans who said they approve of Biden in a Yahoo News/YouGov poll released Friday. By contrast, a Gallup poll in September 2018, nearly two years after Clinton’s election loss, put her favorability rating at just 36%, while Pelosi registers at 38.8% favorability in the RealClearPolitics average.

Crucial Quote

“If you don’t reply, [Trump will] think you abandoned him,” the NRCC told donors in a text message on Wednesday touting Trump’s new “social platform,” a sign that loyalty to Trump is another force that drives grassroots dollars. The National Senatorial Campaign Committee, the NRCC’s Senate counterpart, urged donors to sign a birthday card for Trump and said “5X matching for the next HOUR to show support for Trump.”

What To Watch For

If Biden maintains his current numbers, or improves them, the GOP may opt to fight out the 2022 elections on more favorable turf, taking aim at figures like Clinton, Pelosi and more left-wing Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), while hammering divisive social wedge issues like transgender athletes and cancel culture.

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