Forerunner’s Eurie Kim will share why she invested in Oura on Extra Crunch Live – TechCrunch


When it comes to building a successful startup, biotech and hardware happen to be two of the most difficult verticals in the tech industry. But Oura is doing it anyway.

The health and fitness tracking ring has been used in a number of studies around COVID-19, and been worn by NBA and WNBA players to help prevent outbreaks in the league. Oura has raised nearly $50 million from investors including Lifeline Ventures, Bold Capital Partners, and Forerunner.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re thrilled to have Forerunner’s Eurie Kim and Oura CEO Harpreet Rai join us on a forthcoming episode of Extra Crunch Live.

Kim is herself a former entrepreneur and joined Forerunner in 2012. She sits on the boards of companies like The Farmer’s Dog, Curology, Attabotics, Oura Ring, Eclipse, Juni, among others, and found herself on the Midas Brink List in 2020.

Rai, for his part, is CEO at Oura, where he leads a team of over 150 employees. Before Oura, Rai was a portfolio manager at Eminence Capital for nine years.

On Extra Crunch Live, the duo will talk about how Oura went about raising its $28 million Series B round and why Kim took a bet on the startup. We’ll also ask about tactical advice for founders looking to fundraise and grow their businesses.

Anyone can join the live event, which goes down on April 28 at noon PT/3pm ET. REGISTER FOR FREE HERE!



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