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Fans Rip Kenny Omega, Promotion For Terrible Pyro

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AEW Dynamite 2021 was trending toward being an excellent pay-per-view as late as the end of its main event. Kenny Omega had defeated Jon Moxley in an entertaining Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match with help from Good Bothers, leaving just a few minutes until the ring exploded.

What followed was easily the most disappointing pay-per-view finish since Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The bloody, violent match culminated in an unfortunate epilogue as Eddie Kingston’s dramatic self-sacrifice for Jon Moxley was sabotaged by a weak promo display that caused “Fourth of July” to trend. But not because of any impressive fireworks, because of the resemblance to sparklers. Even worse, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley had to sell this stunt like it had taken them both out. Fans in the building booed this finish profusely.

Billed as the architect of the match in storyline, and even as somebody who had legitimate input in this match itself behind the scenes, Kenny Omega has taken the brunt of the mass criticism across social media.

The comical, legitimate blunder will be the legacy of what was a very good pay-per-view, but one that will go down with the ship of a tainted main event. The final pyro spot has already drawn several comparisons to Gillberg’s intentionally underwhelming promos.

Following the match, a self-aware Jon Moxley addressed the blunder to the live audience, saying “Kenny Omega may be a tough son of a b__ch, but he can’t build an exploding ring worth a s__t.” WWE Superstar T-Bar, who is known for brushing up against the Fourth Wall on Twitter, also piled on, tweeting “Tune in tomorrow night at 8PM EST for an explosive new episode of WWEMonday Night RAW on the USA Network!”

Given WWE’s history of pettiness, it’s more likely than not that Raw comes and goes tomorrow with a veiled reference to this pyro mishap.

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