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Egencia Expands Rail Booking Options

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Egencia over the past several months has added new rail booking capabilities, including new providers, additional service capabilities in certain countries and expansion of its display comparing air and rail options.

The Egencia Air-Rail Display, which Egencia announced in June and can alert users booking a flight when rail service is available on the same route, in November added routes in Belgium the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United States. It already was available for travel in France, Sweden and the U.K.

Additionally, Egencia integrated the booking systems from Germany’s Deutsche Bahn as well as the leading rail provider in Norway. Egencia also added capabilities for users in its app to both book and cancel rail travel in Spain and Norway and to manage rail trips for up to six travelers simultaneously in Norway, according to Egencia.

Egencia next year plans to expand rail content to cover more countries, add more self-service options and enhance seat map features for rail bookings, according to the company.

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