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Bray Wyatt Shares a Heartfelt Tribute to Brodie Lee

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Bray ‘The Fiend’ Wyatt vs Randy Orton was one of the most anticipated matches of Night Two of WrestleMania37 in Tampa Bay, Florida. While the match was as exciting as the build-up, it was also the first time Wyatt competed in WWE since the sudden and shock death of Brodie Lee, who was just 41 years old, in December last year.

The marquee event also saw live crowds in attendance at a WWE event and millions watching from the comforts of their homes, The Fiend honoured his good friend Lee by copying one of his signature moves and phrases. Wyatt, looking straight at the camera, put his hands to his mouth before extending them out saying, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”, to emulate Lee’s signatory phrase which the late WWE star frequently delivered during his time in with the Wyatt family.

Lee, who was with the company from 2012-2019, was formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE. Wyatt and Lee were very close in real life and were part of the Wyatt Family along with Erick Rowan, before disappearing for a brief stint with AEW. Lee died of complications of the lung in December last year. His death shook the wrestling world and several WWE superstars paid tribute to him on the RAW and SmackDown. Moreover, his passing would’ve hurt Wyatt more than anyone and he took the time at WrestleMania37 to pay his ultimate respects.

Meanwhile, in the highly anticipated WrestleMania37 match between Wyatt and Orton, everyone rooted and expected The Fiend to emerge victorious. However, the match ended in the most bizarre way, after a surprise interference from Alexa Bliss that costed him the match. Just when Wyatt was just about to finish the match, Bliss appeared with black liquid pouring down her head. The distraction was enough for Orton to compose himself and hit an RKO for a win.

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