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Black Twitter Hiraliously Takes Modern Photos & Adds Historical Twists | Cassius | born unapologetic

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Black Twitter Hiraliously Takes Modern Photos & Adds Historical Twists

Source: Ivan Pantic / Getty

What would Twitter be without Black people? Absolutely boring. That’s the only answer, period.

Black Twitter always finds a way to pull hilarity out of the air and turn it into a meme-worthy moment that will have you laughing for hours. The current craze on the social media medium has users taking random modern celebrity photos and moments, turning them into dated photos, and adding some sort of Black historical context to them.

The results have been quite comical. For example, Keke Palmer used her own headshot and wrote in the accompanying caption, “My granny was such a vibe in the 1940’s.”

Another Twitter user took a still of the Cash Money Millionaires from B.G.’s video for “Bling Bling” and wrote, “The Tuskegee Airmen during training in 1941.”

If you went down the rabbit hole, you would literally be just laughing for hours because the tweets are so hilarious and witty. It just goes to show how clever and important Black Twitter is because honestly, the app wouldn’t be the same without Black folks cutting up and adding their spin on everyday commentary.

We took the liberty of rounding up the best tweets that are hilariously contributing to the latest Twitter trend in the gallery below.

Photo: Ivan Pantic / Getty


Lol, if no knew the true context of this photo we would have believed this. 


Lol, not Cinderella, lol. 


This was a really good one. 




Black History, ladies and gentlemen. 





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