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Best Electric Skateboards From $250 to Over $2,500

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So you’re thinking of getting an electric skateboard? Allow us to settle the debate for you: You’ll get one, you’ll love it, you’ll wonder how you ever ran errands or commuted from A to B any other way. From advanced tech to budget buys, we’ve cut through the endless rideable chatter to deliver the best of the bunch. Below, our absolute favorite electric skateboards from Evolve, Zealot, Meepo, and more.


Evolve Bamboo GTR Street
Courtesy Image

1. Evolve Bamboo GTR Street

With Boosted now out of business, Evolve crafts some of the finest boards on the market. The GTR Street is no exception with a range of up to 31 miles and speeds teetering on 25 mph. It won’t sputter up hills; there’s enough torque to kick it up a 30 percent grade (strong slope). And you’ll love the convenience of swapping between all-terrain and street wheels. With a medium-flex bamboo deck, you can ride with ease wherever your day takes you. We also dig the Explore by Evolve app, which allows you to track and share your rides and compete against other Evolve-ers across the globe.

[$1,499; evolveskateboardsusa.com]

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MetroboardX — All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard
Courtesy Image

2. MetroboardX All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard

Yes, this 2019 release is actually worth its hefty price tag. The specs are crazy: powerful motor, up to a 30-mile range, 36-mile top speed, 52 tooth wheel pulleys, superb lighting, and an uber-stable platform. Made in the U.S. from an established brand, Metroboard benefits from its ample experience in the electric skateboard market and this ride is extremely polished.

[From $2,574; metro-board.com]

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Courtesy Image

3. ONSRA BLACK Carve 2

This dual-belt electric skateboard impresses on many fronts. First, its range is up to 32.5 miles per charge when using 105mm Cloudwheels (its predecessor, the Black Carve 1 eked out 26 miles). Next, it can soar up to 34 mph—with the 120 mm Cloudhwheels—and it handles a gradient hill climb of up to 35 percent. It carves beautifully and, really, you can’t go wrong with that range.

[$1,840; onsracalifornia.com]

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Backfire G3 with Super Flexible Deck (Hub)
Courtesy Image

4. Backfire G3 with Super Flexible Deck (Hub)

Some standout features include an excellent battery life, range of up to 18.5 miles, great torque, Caliber II trucks to ensure excellent carving on the road, and a flexy deck for a comfortable ride. Also worth noting: The deck is made of bamboo with glass fiber, and you can hit speeds of up to 28.5 mph. (FYI: Hub refers to the motor being built into the wheel itself, whereas with belt boards the motor is attached by pulley.)

[$799; backfireboards.com]

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Backfire Zealot
Courtesy Image

5. Backfire Zealot (Belt)

Besides having a badass name, you’ll appreciate the great deck, crafted from bamboo and fiberglass, along with a solid range of up to 22 miles and speeds of up to 28.5 mph. The high torque motors help support epic climbs and give the rider plenty of power. While the LED ambient lights are a controversial point, we’re going to go ahead and admit they look pretty cool.

[$899; backfireboards.com]

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Meepo V3
Courtesy Image

6. Meepo V3

Considering it’s under $500, the Meepo V3 has some pretty solid specs like an 11-mile range, speeds of up to 26 mph, and a two-hour charge time. Shredder trucks provide an enhanced riding experience and the handle built into the board makes it easy to grab-and-go with your Meepo sans clumsiness.

[From $449; meepoboard.com]

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Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard
Courtesy Image

7. Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard

No, you won’t be a speed demon on this make, but you’ll cruise along at speeds of up to 12.5 mph and enjoy a range of seven miles per charge. This board also has two riding modes—beginner and expert—and at only nine-and-a-half pounds isn’t too bad to schlep. We also like that the Bluetooth remote shows how much battery life is left on the board and remote, so you can plan your outings accordingly.

[$250; dickssportinggoods.com]

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Exway Wave
Courtesy Image

8. Exway Wave

Preorder the next batch by May 25 and you’ll have much to look forward to with this high-quality short board. Clocking in at only 14 pounds, it’s supremely portable. It’s also got a very good range for a board of its size at 15 miles. Moreover, it can travel up to 23 mph. The agile, stable ride is impressive and the sleek aesthetics make the board look far more expensive than its reasonable price point.

[From $669; exwayboard.com]

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Hoyt St Boo’ger
Courtesy Image

9. Hoyt St Boo’ger

New for 2021, this slick board reads more like modern art gallery installation than utilitarian transport. But, rest assured, you’ll want to ride it too, instead of just drool at its design. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, this beast of a board is powered by military-grade 2200W motors that are durable and keep you zooming along at speeds of up to 25 mph. With a range of up to 16 miles and the power to tackle hills with a grade of 30 percent, this’ll become your favorite mode of transportation.

[$1,799; hoytskate.com]

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Hoyt St EL2
Courtesy Image

10. Hoyt St EL2

Debuting this June, you can now preorder the Hoyt St with a flyable battery—as in, meets FAA air travel regulation. Featuring the same fine craftsmanship as the aforementioned Hoyt St Boo’ger, this board peaks at 28 mph and has a range of up to 26 miles with a 30 percent grade. FYI: You can now preorder the EL2.1 extended range (non-flyable board).

[$1,999; hoytskate.com]

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