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Being associated with Salman Khan has immensely helped my career

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Singer Kamaal Khan, who has given the most iconic song ‘Oh Oh Jaane Jaana’, recently delivered two blockbuster songs – ‘Seeti Maar’ and ‘Dil De Diya’ for Salman Khan and Disha Patani starrer ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. The film is set to release on Eid this year and fans are quite excited to watch Salman on the big screen, after a long gap.

Salman and Kamaal’s association started off in 1998 and it has been rock-solid to date. Recently, ETimes interacted with Kamaal and the singer spoke about his immense love for Salman. He also spilled the beans on his amazing journey with one of India’s top superstars.

He said, “My association with Salman has been amazing. I always say this, I feel God has blessed me, in the sense that I have an association not just with an actor, but with such a big superstar of Indian cinema, which has immensely helped my career. As an artist, being associated with him for any song, means 90 percent of my work is done, because he takes any song to such a level (smiles). For example, the song ‘Oh Oh Jaane Jaana’, him just removing his shirt catapulted the song’s success. His swag and personality for me, I feel blessed.”


On being asked if he has witnessed any change in Salman over the years since he knows him both, professionally and personally, Kamaal said that he respects the actor for his immense charitable work. Kamaal said, “I think the majority of people, as human beings, we all change. He was an amazing individual, a human being even when I first met and got to know him. I don’t see him as Salman Khan – the superstar of India, I see him as someone who I admire as a human being because of the amazing work he does with his charity ‘Being Human’. So I always say if there’s one thing I wish I could do is the kind of work he does for his charity. It’s amazing as a person. That respect I have for him is immense.”

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