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BCCI to lose over Rs 2000 crore due to IPL 2021 postponement?

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Three things get the highest priority in our country — politics, cricket and religion. But in the current coronavirus crisis, the country suffered a lot of disappointment from these three sectors.

Politics – because rallies were organised in the country, cricket – because IPL matches were held in an atmosphere of surge in COVID and religion – because religious rituals were organized even in this time of crisis and we all saw a crowd of millions in Kumbh.

But now, the game of politics has ended, because the election results have come, the game of cricket has ended because IPL 2021 has been postponed for the time being and the same has happened in the case of religion.

However, the coronavirus has gone nowhere. Its play is still going on and on average, 3500 people are dying every day in the country. So, in today’s show, we will talk about this.

IPL 2021 matches have been postponed indefinitely and this decision was taken because the bio bubble that the cricket players were kept in, has burst. It is also being called Bio Bubble Burst.

This was the 14th season of the IPL, which was to last 52 days and during this time, a total of 60 matches were to be played by 30 May. But only 29 matches could be played and many team players and staff members became COVID positive. The BCCI postponed the IPL 2021 indefinitely in view of the transition and spread.

However, it was not easy for the BCCI to take this decision. The postponement of the IPL would result in a loss of Rs 2200 crore to the BCCI.

For the sports channel on which IPL matches are broadcast live, the BCCI receives money from the channel. BCCI has signed a contract of INR 16.347.5 crore with this channel for five years.

That is, every year the channel gives BCCI around Rs 3200 crore for live telecast of IPL matches. That is, BCCI earns about Rs 54 crore from a match, which will not be possible now due to COVID.

According to an estimate, the BCCI will suffer a loss of Rs 1690 crore by postponing the remaining matches of the IPL.

Apart from this, thousands of crores of rupees used to come from the companies of associate sponsors and title sponsors of IPL 2021, but now these companies will not pay it in full.

Currently, the title sponsor company of IPL gives BCCI Rs 440 crore annually while each co-sponsor company gives Rs 120 crore annually. But now the BCCI will get half its amount in payment. And this is the reason that the first IPL was not stopped during the pandemic.

A bio bubble is an imaginary area in which people living inside have no contact with the outside world at all. The bio bubble created for the IPL included all the people associated with the tournament apart from the cricketers. They were not allowed to get out of it.

It is a complete process whereby players are kept safe for cricket matches and kept away from infection.

But despite all the theories, the coronavirus burst this bubble. And this has worried cricket players from other countries to come to India to play IPL. Now the big question for these players is how will they go back to their home countries?

Australian cricketers, including former players, cannot go back to their country yet. The Australian government has said that its citizens who are stranded in India will no longer get entry into Australia. And if a player breaks this rule, he will be sentenced to five years in jail and he will be fined 66,000 dollars i.e. about 50 lakh rupees.

However, this decision of the Australian Government is getting a lot of criticism there and it is also ready to challenge it in court. Apart from this, the Human Rights Commission of Australia has also opposed this and the Chief Medical Officer there has warned the government that due to this decision, many of its citizens will be trapped in India, and some of them may even die.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also reacted to this, stating that these players had gone to India with their own resources, so their decision to return is not linked to Australia’s national interest. But they are still committed to the return of these players.

Currently, 35,000 citizens of Australia are stranded in other countries, and a quarter of them are in India alone.

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