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ATPCO’s Routehappy Adds Testing, Vaccination Requirement Data Capability

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ATPCO has added a new dataset to its Routehappy Content to provide Covid-19 testing and vaccination requirements at the time of booking.

The new capability presents information about which airlines and destinations require negative Covid-19 tests prior to departure in a structured, standardized format. It also has the capability to detail whether countries require Covid-19 vaccination for entry, although no governments have set that restriction to date. The content covers 102 airlines, more than three-quarters of the world’s available seat miles, according to ATPCO.

“The science is evolving quickly, so countries, airlines and channels are having to adjust travel requirements at a pace not previously seen,” ATPCO chief commercial officer Jonathan Savitch said in a statement. “It’s almost impossible for even the savviest travelers to keep up with these changes on their own.”

The new content already is available on multiple channels, including Sabre and Serko, which integrated it into its Zeno travel and expense tool, according to Serko co-founder and CEO Darrin Grafton.

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