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Ankita Lokhande on their breakup in 2016

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Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande were in a relationship for a very long time before they broke up in 2016. It was reported that they were all set to enter marital bliss, however, the couple went their separate ways. Now, eight months after SSR’s death, Ankita opened up about what she went through after her breakup with him and how she came out of it eventually.

Talking about the reason behind their breakup, Ankita told Bollywood Bubble, “I thought that silence is a virtue in situations like these so that the sanctity of the relationship is not affected. I am not somebody who would make a tamasha of my personal life in public. Yes, people misunderstood me. People today come and tell me ‘you left Sushant’ How do they know this? Nobody knows my story.”

Ankita further said, “I am not blaming anyone here. Sushant made his choice very clear, he wanted to go ahead in his career and he chose it and moved on. But for two and a half years, I was dealing with so many things. I was not in that state of mind where I could just work. I am not that person who could have easily moved on and started working. So, for me, it was very difficult but my family stood by me.”

The Baaghi 3 actor went on to share, “I am not blaming anyone. He chose his way, but my way was different. I was craving love, affection. I gave him full right to move on but I was battling the situation very badly and came out strongly. I thought everything is over for me but that was the beginning for me and I begin with good things.”

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