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Air France Testing ISOS-Developed Health Passport App

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Air France over the next four weeks is conducting a test of a mobile health passport founded in part by International SOS on flights to Paris from both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The carrier is trialing the ICC AOKpass app, which was developed by International SOS’s MedAire in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce and Swiss testing and certification company SGS. The app allows travelers to upload Covid-19 test results from partner laboratories either as a PDF document and QR code, which they can use instead of a paper certificate during travel. In addition, the app confirms that the test is valid and complies with the requirements of the traveler’s destination. The app uses blockchain technology to manage data and is GDPR-compliant, according to Air France.

In the current trial, which began March 15, the app grants travelers access to a special boarding lane in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and upon arrival in Paris, they can use a special lane in passport control.

The trial is the second large-scale test of the ICC AOKpass app, according to MedAire airport services product manager Sébastien Bedu. Last week, Air France also started a trial on flights from Paris to both Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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