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Abhishek Banerjee pledges to donate towards COVID relief on birthday: We need the good in us to beat the bad around us | Hindi Movie News

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Abhishek Banerjee, who turned a year older today, has decided to do his bit and contribute towards COVID relief. On the occasion of his birthday, the 36-year-old actor pledged to donate to a non-profit outfit which has been working on healthcare and COVID-relief. “When you see people suffering around you whether known or unknown you kind of feel helpless that you are not able to do anything for them. Who will take the responsibility? What can the common man do in a situation like this? Rather than feeling helpless on our own it’s time to come forward and help each other, help the ones in need,” shared the actor.

With the help of a school friend, Abhishek figured a channel to donate and do his bit for COVID relief. He said, “As we all know that the entire country is going through the oxygen crisis, I decided to find ways to help the health care system and patients with its availability. This initiative was brought to my notice by best friend from school Vaibhav Tandon. I know that money is in safe hands. Vaibhav, with the help of his friends and family already raised 40lakhs. I decided to pitch in and help them amplify it as more the number of people it reaches, more lives can be saved through this initiative. In addition to this, I thought birthday is the best day to share this with the people as all the positive energies coming your way could be shared with the entire community. These are bad times but we need the good in us to beat the bad around us.”


While waiting for his vaccination turn, Abhishek is taking all precautions at home. “I am with my wife Tina in Goa , we have isolated ourselves; we don’t venture out much; we keep to ourselves and wear masks whenever we step out. That’s all we can do for now. We are waiting for our turn to get vaccinated, we have already applied for it. I feel vaccination is a must and all the myths around it should be ignored,” concludes Abhishek.

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