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Hiba Tawaji Is a multi-talented artist who studied under some of the best Jazz, Gospel, and Pop coaches in the USA. She collaborated and acted in four plays produced by Mansour & Oussama Rahbani, and has recorded three chart-topping studio albums in Arabic.

Hiba Tawaji (via Instagram)

Tawaji was born in Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon to a Palestinian-Turkish mother and a Lebanese father. Lebanon has a high French impact, due to the fact that Lebanon was occupied by France. Growing up in a culturally mobile environment aided Tawaji in being able to sing in Arabic, English and French.

In 2015, Hiba shot to European fame after she competed in the fourth season of “The Voice France.”

Hiba Tawaji (via Instagram)

She was coached by Mika, who is also a Lebanese TCK. She was famous of her cover of “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. Although Tawaji did not win, she is currently working on producing a French album.

Tawaji may have traveled all around to achieve her career, however she still is involve and tied to her Lebanese roots. She created the song “Metl al Chajar Mazrou’in,” which translates to “Like trees, we are planted” in tribute to all the Lebanese soldiers serving to protect Lebanon.

Hiba Tawaji (via Instagram)

When Xiaoya Cheng watched music videos of Tawaji to, Cheng said:

She is more than an artist, she is expressing real-world problems to her audience. She is a true goddess because in her videos she is like the angel watching the innocence and beauty in the world.

Cheng added she is impressed and in awe with her voice, and therefore plans to continue exploring Tawaji. 

Hiba Tawaji (via Instagram)


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