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5 things to know Tuesday

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Biden administration to revisit Iran nuclear deal

The Biden administration will participate in multilateral negotiations Tuesday over the fate of the Iran nuclear deal. American and Iranian negotiators will not hold direct talks, but both countries will have diplomats in Austria for the meetings. They will be facilitated by a top European Union official and other parties to the 2015 agreement. Under the Obama-era deal, Iran agreed to cap its nuclear enrichment, among other steps, in exchange for international sanctions relief.  President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 and re-imposed economic sanctions on Iran. Subsequently, Iran breached the deal’s limits on nuclear enrichment. Back in the U.S., progressives seek a speedy return to the deal, arguing that any further delay is dangerous. Republicans and some hawkish Democrats want Biden to hold out for a broader deal that not only curbs Iran’s nuclear program but also limits its ballistic missile program, its support for terrorist groups, and other malign activities.

Derek Chauvin trial resumes Tuesday

The Derek Chauvin murder trial, now entering its seventh day, will pick up again Tuesday. Jurors will hear from Morries Hall, the man who was in the vehicle with Floyd before his struggle with police officers. Hall has said he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right against testifying as a witness in the trial. Monday’s proceedings saw Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo tell jurors Monday that Chauvin’s restraint of George Floyd “absolutely” violates department policy and goes against “our ethics and our values.” Neck restraints are outlawed at many law enforcement departments, and they’re no longer allowed in Minnesota. But at the time of Floyd’s death, the Minneapolis Police Department did allow them. However, Arradondo said of Chauvin’s restraint on Floyd: “I vehemently disagree that that’s the appropriate use of force for that situation.”  

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