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Key medical expert witness expected to testify at Chauvin trial

Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker is expected to take the stand Friday, as Week 2 in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin comes to a close. Baker ruled George Floyd’s death a homicide in his 2020 autopsy. He said Floyd’s heart and lungs stopped amid “law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression.” Here is some of what happened in Chauvin’s trial on Thursday:

  • Dr. Bill Smock, a police surgeon with a specialty in forensics, testified that he concluded George Floyddied of positional asphyxia, “which is a fancy way of saying he had no oxygen in his body.” Smock also ruled out a Fentanyl overdose as a potential cause of death.
  • Daniel Isenschmid, a forensic toxicologist who analyzed Floyd’s blood and urine, told jurors the amount of meth in Floyd’s system was consistent with a prescribed dose – a “very low” amount.
  • Expert witness Sgt. Jody Stiger of the Los Angeles Police Department told jurors Chauvin used “deadly” force on Floyd and kept his knee on his neck for more than nine minutes.

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