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10 Best PS Vita Games You Should Play Before The Store Shuts Down

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When all else fails, go Spelunky! This indie 2D platform game is a solid choice for those looking for an enjoyable format and a hefty challenge. Don’t let the style of this game fool you, Spelunky gets real challenging real fast. Diving deep underground for untold treasure is a wild ride and the puzzles add a nice break from the point A to Z adventure.

That being said, if you’re prone to rage quitting? Make sure you go in with a level head. Failing in Spelunky takes players back to the gold ‘ol days where failure meant Game Over. Messing up in this game will land you back at the start, but at least the randomly generated levels help keep the monotony at bay. 

“I may have a hopeless addiction to Spelunky, but it’s not an entirely pleasant one,” reads our review. “As exciting as it is to play a platformer with an infinite number of new levels to jump, whip, and bomb your way through, the novelty comes at a cost. You need ample patience, time, and skill to make it through Spelunky’s ever-changing caves, and much of the hidden content is virtually off-limits to all but the most hardcore (and masochistic) gamers. If you fit that description, you have my congratulations and condolences.”

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